Our Brands


Making its move into skiwear in 1957, the Descente brand has led the industry innovations and was a key factor in progressing the sport of skiing.

Today, Descente continues to push the envelope with exceptional workmanship, quality and attention to detail, beautiful palettes, breathtaking finishes and luxurious accouterments.


When you pick up a Toad&Co garment, we want you to get that tingly sensation that lets you know it’s more than just a piece of clothing: It’s a socially and environmentally committed garment, equally suited for the rigors of the trail or the tavern, your all-access pass to living life to the fullest. Sure, we want you to feel how insanely soft and perfectly stretchy it is too, but we mostly want you to feel awesome knowing that good decisions went into the production of your beloved Toad.


We work hard everyday to provide athletes with the best products and technology. We will leave no stone unturned to improve, succeed and win.
We believe in sport which is real, true and as clean as water. We work closely with athletes and champions to allow them to perform with fair play and win ethically.
We are a passionate brand, run by a passionate team. We love sport, performance and success. We admire all those who constantly challenge
themselves, like champions, athletes and you.


We were born in Norway over 70 years ago out of a need to create quality performance clothing that could function in notorious harsh conditions.

We are the originals inventors of functional sport underwear and have been innovating ever since, creating exceptional products for active lifestyles all year round. We strive to stay one step ahead, weaving our Norwegian heritage and Swiss engineering into modern, functional and comfortable sports apparel.